Our house rules are as follows:

1. RESERVATIONS ONLY: This is temporary as we are still getting our feet wet. Currently, we can seat parties maxed at 8.
Call 401-725-4260

Please leave your full name, phone number or email, date and time you want to reserve, as well as guest count. We will get back to you promptly to confirm.


2. ARRIVAL: We have (2) entrances – please use the marked entrance sign as well as the parking lot that is open for boundary guests parking only. Please check in with our host and they will assist you in your reservation.

Our new back yard outside the dining area is open, as well as an inside dining room & bar area has very limited seating.
(Reservations are first come first serve)

4. FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings must be worn at all times while walking around our common areas. You do not have to wear a mask once you have been seated but if you stand or take a stroll around your mask is mandatory.

We are respecting everyone’s safety!

5. ORDERING MENU ITEMS: Each table will receive one menu that you may take home with you or we will dispose of after your service. On each menu, there is also a QR code that can be used to go directly to our menu online

6. ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT: We do accept cash. We do have EMV handheld devices if you want to use your debit pin at check out. We also accept all major credit cards

7. DEPARTURE: As a convenience, you can reserve again for a future date with your host which is convenient for everyone.

8. TAKE OUT ONLINE & DELIVERY: We are offering take out, delivery with “DOORDASH” (Coming Very Soon) (you can go directly to our website to order)

9. CURBSIDE: Call by phone to place an order, on arrival call us 401-725-4260, we can call you back when your order is ready and then we can bring it to your vehicle

Welcome to our home!

Boundary Management Team