These are the specials for the month inspired by the Irish Culture. Please ask your server for this week’s featured Infusions.


Dublin Rolls
House-cured corned beef brisket (nitrate-free) eggrolls, purple cabbage, carrot, aged swiss cheese. Served with smash sauce for dipping.

Stuffed Cabbage Soup
Braised cabbage in a light red broth with ground chuck, drippings from corned beef brisket & white rice.


Whiskey Burger
Sticky sweet whiskey glaze, house-cured pepper bacon, Irish cheddar, Boston lettuce, house pickles, honey dijon. served with truffle fries.

Corned Beef Melt
House-cured corned beef brisket (nitrate-free), swiss cheese, house pickles, red onions, stout mustard served on marble rye w/ fries.


Yorkshire Pudding
Stuffed with hot-dipped shaved smoked pit beef, roasted vegetables, bbq stout gravy, yam & murphy mashed taters with roasted garlic & fresh dill.

Brisket Shepards Pie
Smoked brisket with hand-selected vegetables in an Irish Stout gravy topped with creamy dill mashed potatoes.


Brooklyn Bunny
Irish whiskey, pressed carrot puree, ginger syrup, lime juice, nutmeg, egg white & chili oil.


Harpoon Dry Irish Stout
Boston, USA • 4.3% ABV

Switchback Red Ale
American Amber • Burlington, VT • 5% ABV • 28 IBU


Irish Whiskeys
Slane, sexton, prizefight & house irish cream

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